Model in the Making

Junior Cydney Weber pursues career in modeling

Engineering, producing music and working in Hollywood are all various dream jobs for many young people graduating high school. For Junior Cydney Weber, her sights are set on a different goal: modeling. Ever since her first runway show at the age of 8, Cydney has found her lifelong passion. 

“I felt so comfortable on stage,” Cydney said. 

From then on, she was hooked. As a novice in the world of modeling, Cydney’s mother Angela Weber took Cydney to a multitude of classes to hone her skills. 

“They teach you how to walk correctly, they teach you how to hold yourself and they teach you the different poses and the terminology that’s used,” Angela said.

Not only have these experiences and classes helped Cydney become more confident as a model, but they have also helped her socially. Cydney’s triplet sister, Ashley Weber, has seen this transformation take place.

“Modeling has helped with the social aspect of [Cydney’s] life; she’s more talkative and she’s not as afraid to put herself out there anymore,” Ashley said.

As Cydney started to become more experienced, she began to walk in more runways and was booked for more photoshoots. Her career was growing and there seemed to be no end to the possibilities in sight. Cydney’s triplet sister, Bailey Weber, remembers the first show she went to see Cydney in.

“I went to Vision in the Vines [modeling show] and it was really cool because I saw [Cydney] get her dress on,” Bailey said. “Seeing the whole process unfold was pretty cool.”

Different agencies have started to notice Cydney and her talents, offering her contracts to become a real model. This past summer, Cydney, along with other girls from her agency, were able to go to New York City for a new talent showcase. 

“I thought I was gonna be really intimidated, but I loved it,” Cydney said.

This showcase consisted of an entire week dedicated to meetings, runway shows, photo shoots and various other activities that gave the girls a feel for what a full-time career in modeling would look and feel like. Although overwhelmed at times, Cydney thrived in this environment and relished every single minute.

“I absolutely loved it,” Cydney said. “I felt so comfortable there. I felt like being here at home; it just felt like home to me.”

Angela, although anxious to watch her teenage daughter grow up so fast, supports Cydney in her dream of becoming a model. 

“[Cydney has] put in the time, energy and effort that is required of her and she’s been very blessed,” Angela said. “The opportunity has come along, she’s made it, and they want her, so I guess it’s time to open the door and let her spread her wings.”

Proper education is extremely important for Cydney, so before she can take the next big step in her career, she must complete high school. Although she is a junior by age, Cydney has decided to graduate early to kick-start her modeling career. While Cydney is excited to take this step, her sisters are disappointed they won’t be able to finish high school together. 

“As her triplet and sister, it’s really sad because we have spent the last 17 years attached by the hip, so it’s really hard to see her go before Bailey and I,” Ashley said. “But this is something she really wants to do and we think she’s ready, so we support her in her decision, unconditionally.”

Fearful for the unknown, yet excited for new opportunities to present themselves, Cydney said she is prepared to become a full-time model.

“I’m ready to go into my own modeling world,” Cydney said.