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T-Wolf of the Week (04/12)

Molly Townsend

With graduation coming up, seniors are making their final decisions on their next steps in their education. For senior Molly Townsend, attending Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and majoring in engineering design became of interest when she toured the school her sophomore year.

“I was first interested in engineering from my robotics team that I joined my sophomore year,” Townsend said. “That really guided my interest in engineering through the design process and different aspects that have really made me grow to love it.”

Townsend said she is excited to work with various students and professors that share the same passion as her, and is familiar with the advanced engineering programs and other opportunities the college offers.

“After touring, I decided I really liked it, so I took a summer camp last summer,” Townsend said. “I got to see a lot about residents’ life and projects to see what it would be like on campus.”

With such a drive for engineering, Townsend said she has strong goals and plans on what she hopes to accomplish in the future.

“I hope to work with kids with disabilities to make different assistive technology such as prosthetics and other devices to help make life easier for them,” Townsend said.

Townsend has many people she would like to thank who have inspired her throughout her learning process. Not only has her high school experience pushed her to explore her passion, but her teammates and coaches have as well.

“I’d say a lot of people on my team and my coach have inspired me,” Townsend said. “They’ve all guided me to push myself harder and to work harder to be better and to work through different problems.”

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