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T-Wolf of the Week (03/29)

Gregg Buehler

Before the first hour starts and the dismissal bell rings, instead of heading straight to his classroom or packing up to head home, social studies teacher Gregg Buehler begins his next few jobs. Those include being the head coach of boys track and field, while also an assistant coach for cross country and wrestling and the sponsor of Fellowship of Christian Students.

I enjoy the heck out of each and every [activity],” Buehler said. “And I hope I give my all to them because all the students involved deserve my all.”

In high school, Buehler said he ran a lot in order to keep in shape for wrestling, then ran even more in college. Due to this, Buehler said he started to try to know more about all those sports.

“When I was younger, I learned enough to say maybe I should impose that knowledge on kids later on,” Buehler said. “I think that’s the path that was forged for me and I’m grateful it is.”

With these multiple involvements, Buehler found himself with a booked schedule, but he said it’s his job to organize everything.

[The activities] fill up my time [at Southwest], and time away from [Southwest],” Buehler said. “So, as a result, it manages itself.”

Even though Buehler has been coaching and sponsoring multiple activities for 19 years, he said he’s never looked at his involvement as burdensome, but rather has enjoyed seeing the different aspects of his students’ lives.

I’m about 65 seasons into coaching, and I wouldn’t change one of them,” Buehler said. “I have the best job on Earth, far and away; there’s no match.”

While he is grateful for this opportunity, Buehler said he has one thing he wants to improve on.

“I wish I could be better at all of them,” Buehler said. “If there is [a negative side], I wish I could be better.”

However, Buehler said being involved in multiple activities has helped him connect more with his students. He said he’s become a better teacher because he coaches, and vice versa.

“To see the same kid in the classroom, and then turn around and see them on the wrestling mat, the cross country course, on the track or FCS meetings, whatever it may be, is valuable to my growth as a teacher and a coach,” Buehler said. “And it’s a good thing to be able to do.”

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