No Time Off:athletes share their experiences in a fully-committed sport

Isha Patel, Staff Writer

October 22, 2018

Filed under Sports

Heading toward the back of the court, junior Samantha Schnitta takes her position, taking a step forward, tossing the ball up, serving the ball to the other side at the start of a volleyball game. Ever since the third grade,...

Senior Gracely Briley turns soccer into a lifestyle

Elianna Oliver, Social Media Editor

August 21, 2018

Filed under Sports, Top Stories

Cleats, shin guards, tall socks, soccer practice, training, games — all things that revolve around the world of senior Gracely Briley. Ever since she was 6 years old, Gracely said she has grown to not only love soccer, but li...

Athletes analyze inequalities in sports

Megan Flood, Writing coach

January 31, 2018

Filed under Sports

Packed bleachers, a sea of school colors, screaming students; attending varsity sports is often depicted as a quintessential part of the high school experience. Throughout the year, there are various sporting events students can ...

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