Students Respond to New Video Game Releases

Jonah McCormick, Design Editor

December 7, 2018

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Rockstar Games recently released their second title of the series known as “Red Dead Redemption 2.” This game takes place in 1899 where the world is transforming on the cusp of WW1 and gunslingers and bandits are dyin...

anatomy students write books for pediatic cancer patients

Elianna Oliver, Copy Editor

December 7, 2018

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In room 304 students write books about an apple, a deflated basketball and a dragon. What do these things all have in common? They all represent cancer. “Essentially we learned all about how cancer works and the immune system...

Photo of the week winners

Photo of the week winners

November 18, 2018

Can a nation divided be reunited?

Sadie Putnam, Social Media Editor

October 22, 2018

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Racist. Over-emotional. Indecisive. Republican. Democrat. Independent. Unfair stereotypes are the first thing that come to mind when discussing the political affiliations of our peers. Over the past few years, the political parties...

Five Facts about the Top Five Halloween Candies

Lauren Urschel, Online Editor

October 19, 2018

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Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: They were invented by Harry Burnett (H.B.) Reese H.B. was inspired to make Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups by his job at a Hershey’s dairy farm At first H.B. made chocolate treats in his ...

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