Students Respond to New Video Game Releases

Jonah McCormick, Design Editor

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Rockstar Games recently released their second title of the series known as “Red Dead Redemption 2.” This game takes place in 1899 where the world is transforming on the cusp of WW1 and gunslingers and bandits are dying out. Senior Matthew White said he was excited for the release of the new game and excited for what new stuff Rockstar had in store. “[Red Dead Redemption 2]  seems individualized because you can make your own choices but it does all end eventually,” White said. “But it seems like such a lived-in world and it feels like you’re a part of it.”


The Call of Duty series has added title after title to its endless collection of games. However, sophomore Liam Olinger said he was excited about the new release in the franchise. “I’m really excited to play Black Ops 4, that seems like a lot of fun because I played it as a kid in the earlier games,” Olinger said. Call of Duty Zombies is a crucial part of the game for a large percentage of people and Olinger said he looks forward to finally play the game/newest version of zombies.


Fallout 76 is a first person shooting game. It takes place in a dystopian American future after a nuclear fallout. It is a narrative prequel to the series and the first title in the series to include multiplayer. However, senior Connor Price said he didn’t like the idea of adding multiplayer settings. “The whole point of the Fallout series is to be alone in the nuclear fallout trying to survive, and adding multiplayer kind of ruins the game in my opinion,” Price said.

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