Twin Powers: a highlight on twins of the senior class

Isha Patel, Staff Writer

Jeremy and Jacob Boone:

Fraternal twin brothers, seniors Jeremy and Jacob Boone, described their relationship as being supportive of each other and sharing common interests.

Jacob said their relationship has been like this since they were little.

“We use to share a room in middle school and most twins don’t do that,” Jacob said. “It got us really close together.”

The brothers said they both have outgoing personalities that fit in with their shared friend group.

“We’re actually going to split [for college],” Jacob said. “I am thinking of going to Nebraska and he is going to go to KU.”

While Jeremy said he hasn’t really thought of it much, they both acknowledged that it will be tough to separate but they knew it would have had to happen eventually.

“We have been together for 18 years and now we’re leaving each other,” Jacob said.

Jack and Matt McCabe:

Senior Matt McCabe described him and his twin brother, Jack, as “on the same frequency.”

Matt said there are a lot of similarities him and his brother both share like dressing the same. Matt said there is no explanation as to why there are so similar; they tell everyone it is because they are twins.

“I think one of the things that is unique is how much we help each other out. When you have a twin, they are the person in the world who relates to you more than anybody else, because you share so much of your life with them,” Matt said.

Matt describes having a twin as having a best friend with you 24/7. He said he considers them both as leaders, with an ambitious drive.

“I dream a lot of big things I want to do; I am very creative. I don’t always make it happen physically — I am very ambitious in my mind and Jack is the same way — he’s got lots of great ideas and he is probably better at making it happen than I am because he is radically in that sense,” Matt said.

With high school coming to an end, their plans for the future will cause them to split up. Jack is going to be attending the University of Central Missouri while Matt will be attending the University of Missouri.

“For the first time in 18 years we won’t be basically roommates, so it’s a little weird, it’s a little scary, because imagine having a best friend for 18 years and then all of a sudden they’re like, ‘see you,’” Matt said. “We see each other literally every day when we get up, when we go to sleep, so it’s not even like gradually decreasing the amount of time we spent together it’s like going from rooming together to like not seeing each other for a couple months.”

Brooke and Gage Fintel:

To seniors Brooke and Gage Fintel, having a twin was the automatic best friend they had when moving around and going to new schools.

“I feel like as a boy and a girl, we are kind of compatible and we can talk about different stuff and I can talk to her about a wider range of topics and it’s a lot easier to talk to her about [things],” Gage said.

Although Brooke said she defines their personalities as opposites, she said sometimes she feels like she can sense what Gage is thinking or how he will react to certain things because of their close bond.

Both Gage and Brooke said they are planning on attending the University of Nebraska after high school and see college as an opportunity to grow a closer while also be independent at the same time.

“Because we [are siblings] we’ll be able to make new friends as well,” Gage said.

Brandon and Larissa Vogt:

Not all twins share the same personality traits as shown in seniors Brandon and Larissa Vogt.

“We’re pretty opposite; we look kind of similar but our personalities are just so different and I think our friends would say the same thing,” Larissa said. “I would say I’m more independent than him, and he is funnier that I am. We have different senses of humor and I’m probably more athletic than him.”

The Vogts described their relationship as pretty close, but they know how to get on each other’s nerves most of the time, often resulting in small, two-minute arguments that are quickly resolved. Brandon said the most annoying part of being a twin was frequently being asked if they were dating, but he said it would be weird if they weren’t twins. Larissa and Brandon have the same exact class schedule and share other similar interests. “Were pretty much in the same friend group. For the most part we hang out together with our friends,” Brandon said.

“We both have a car and drive to school separately most days, but our cars are the exact same color, interior, model and everything,” Larissa said.

Both said they plan to attend Johnson County Community College for one year after high school and then split while Larissa goes off to K-State for two years and Brandon goes to KU.

“It’ll be hard because you don’t have your automatic best friend with you on the first day of school every single day and we would have most of our classes together because we’re majoring in the same thing,” Larissa said.

Mallory and Ryan Bennett:

According to Mallory and Ryan they said they have a bond stronger than other twins.

“Since Ryan has a learning disability, we are different in that fact I step in a lot and you know when your twin and are in the same grade and see one of your siblings struggling, you obviously will feel concerned,” Mallory said. “So I feel like we bond better than other twins because we have that extra little aspect.”

They both described themselves as being similar on a 50/50 scale.

“We have similar aspects of our personalities — like we both like ramble,” Mallory said. “Not that we’re super extrovert, but we’re both introverted when were in uncomfortable situations. But when we’re in an environment with a bunch of people that we know, we’re both really loud.”

Like many siblings, Ryan said they fight frequently, but still go to each other for everything and look out for each other.

“It’s nice for homework because when we take the same course, we help each other with homework. He will remind me of assignments and I will help him with math,” Mallory said.

Both said they are also similar in which they are both involved in the performing arts, however Ryan is more theater focused while Mallory enjoys choir and band. When it comes to plans for after high school, Ryan said their are both planning on attending Pittsburg State together to further their studies. “It’s nice having a twin because you’re both the same age and are both going to be graduating at the same time so there’s less tears,” Ryan said.

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