Let’s Get Loud

Lexi Tarter, staff writer

Two hours a day, five days a week. They run their entire routine multiple times until their coaches are pleased with their performance. The day they’ve been anticipating is quickly approaching. Throughout summer the cheerleaders put in time and effort in order to have their routine perfected for pep rally on the first day of school.

The cheerleading squad spent three weeks preparing for the pep rally. They practiced in the commons Monday through Friday every evening . During the pep rally they performed to the fight song and taught their grade their class cheers. Also, the freshman, JV and Varsity squads teamed together and performed a routine that included tumbling, jumps, stunts, and a dance.

These girls spent their last few weeks of summer preparing for this event. The assembly was held to pump the students up and get them ready for the upcoming year. Being a cheerleader assumes the role of a leader of the school.They are believed to always have positive attitudes and be motivators.

“Although we had to put in a lot of extra time during the summer in order to prepare for the first day of school I definitely think it was worth it,” varsity cheerleader Brianna Bartalos said. “Cheerleaders are there to keep the spirit of the school going. We are role models and we are expected to represent our school in a positive way.”

The cheerleaders are a part of every pep assembly and they also cheer on many sports. Using positive reinforcement, these girls keep the crowd excited. They practice every weekday and work hard to be leaders in our school.

“All members of the cheer squad are dedicated not only to their team but to their school,” JV coach Taylor Holmes said. “The squad is very focused on promoting school spirit.”