VirtualED Schedule Revisions

Karley Kent, Web editor

Due to COVID-19, a new method of learning is available through the Blue Valley school district. As of Sept. 13, there have been significant schedule revisions made for all VirtualED students. 

Previously, there were several synchronous and asychronous activities for multiple classes happening at the same time for students enrolled in VirtualEd. This created difficulty for the students to complete all of their work and be present for their entire schedule. 

Schedules were updated on StudentVue on Sept. 14 and all students were encouraged to check their Canvas notifications for communication from their teachers. 

Students in the VirtualED program will have alternating “Blue” and “Orange” days along with their typical odd and even block scheduling. These Blue and Orange days will be alternating two at a time, while even and odd classes change every other day. 

This schedule and all personal learning information can be found on students’ individual Canvas pages. Any student still enrolled in an in-person class and a VirtualEd class during the same hour should reach out to his or her counselor.  Updates will be provided as they become available.