Gallery: Fall orchestra concert

Riley Martin and Sydney Swyers

The Fall Orchestra concert on Thursday, Oct. 22 began with the screeching of the first violins followed by various screams throughout composer R. Meyer’s piece, “Rosin Eating Zombies from Outer Space”. As the haunting sounds of the orchestra faded, the instruments abruptly stopped playing and all members let out horrific screams.

As the screaming subsides, the next piece began. “Theme from Jurassic Park” by J. Williams began with an eerie-sounding violin solo, but eventually transformed into melodic ballad.

As the theme song came to an end, a new piece, called “The Adventures of Stringwoman,” began. Since the concert was Halloween themed, the orchestra had its own superhero, Stringwoman. She swooped in to save them from wrong notes and pitch problems. Throughout the piece, members screamed for help when something went wrong, and when Stringwoman appeared, the problems were fixed.

The next even of the night was the children’s parade. Kids of all ages line up outside of the PAC to show off their various costumes. As the parade began, the orchestra accompanied the children with a piece called “Creatures” by B. Balmages. They strutted down the aisles and up to the stage where they were rewarded with candy.