Boys Bowling Enters First Season at Southwest

When one thinks of high school sports, most think of a girls team and a boys team. However, this hasn’t been the case for bowling in the past. The school has only offered a girls team, but for the first time in school history, the bowling program has opened its doors to add a boys team.

Freshman Ryan Crampton took the chance to try out for the team. 

“I joined bowling because it seemed like a fun after-school activity to do,” Crampton said. 

Bowling has offered many opportunities for students, such as senior Riley Underwood, to form new friendships and build connections with someone they may not have talked to outside of the sport. 

“I have met people I otherwise would not have talked to through bowling,” Underwood said. 

Underwood said that interacting with others has always been important, but now even more so. With the pandemic de-railing most social experiences, going out for a school sport or activity has increased value, now more than ever. 

New assistant bowling coach Kathryn Pinto said she recognized the importance of extracurricular activities at this time.

“I think just really getting back to interacting with students and doing something for the school community has been very positive,” Pinto said. 

Pinto said she knows the value of sportsmanship and its benefits from years of coaching volleyball and basketball. Pinto and head coach Caitlyn Donahue teamed up this year to lead both the boys and girls teams.

Underwood said he has noticed the impact a strong coaching staff can have.

“The coaches are great, and it would not be as much fun without Mrs. Pinto and Ms. Donahue,” Underwood said.

Not only do the coaches’ positive attitudes connect the group, but the addition of the boys team, in general, has helped unify the program. 

“[Boys bowling has] just been really a positive addition and we are really excited about it,” Pinto said.