State of the World

current global events explained

It seems as if ever since the pandemic began in 2020, the entire world has been experiencing major political unrest. Countries with long-lasting rivalries begin to militarize themselves, a decade-long civil war still rages in the middle east, and a great ideological struggle threatens to reignite in Asia. Overall, the world is once again turning into a giant powder keg.

The Syrian civil war began in 2011, when revolutionaries backed by western forces rose up against the Russian-backed central government. The conflict was originally a proxy war, but a Kurdish uprising and Turkish intervention in the North made it develop into a 4-way regional conflict. It still goes on today.

The now-labeled “spy balloon” first entered American airspace over the Aleutian islands in Alaska. It would then travel along the Alaskan and Canadian coasts. The balloon would travel across the midwest, before ending up and being shot down in South Carolina. Chinese officials maintain it was a “civilian research craft”, however many North American countries strongly suspect it was a surveillance device. Since that incident, 6 more reports of spy balloons in the Americas popped up. Two in the USA, (Texas and Florida), one in Canada, Guam, Costa Rica and Colombia. 

Whilst in the Americas, suspicious balloons drift over the continent, tensions in Asia are rising yet again. Specifically between China and Taiwan. China and Taiwan have a long history, but to sum it up, Taiwan used to be the ruling government of China, but a civil war broke out between the nationalist Republic of China (now Taiwan) and the communist People’s Republic of China (the current official Chinese government). This ended in what was left of the nationalist’s military and government fleeing to the island of Taiwan. However, the communists tried to pursue them with the intention of wiping out the nationalists, although this was intercepted by the American fleets, which prevented the destruction of the Republic of China. Almost eighty years later, the Communists still claim Taiwan to be a part of their territory, and the Nationalists want to preserve their independence.

Over a year has passed since the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military on February 24th, 2022. Over 8.1 million people have fled the country to neighboring European states, and according to the UN, 8000 non-combatants have been killed. While information about the war in Ukraine is obscure, there are reports that the Ukrainian military is starting to push the Russian army back. 

While the rest of the world seems to be on fire, The Saudi Arabian government has developed plans for a 500 billion dollar, 200 meter wide, 100 mile long, eco-friendly “linear city”.  “The Line” will run entirely on renewable energy, it will have no cars and zero emissions. Railways will connect different sections of the line, allowing for easy access. The Arabian government has begun construction of the city, much to the surprise of Critics.

“Critics have cast doubt on whether the project is technologically feasible” (CNN).

Founded in 1945 by Albert Einstein after the first detonation of nuclear weapons, the Doomsday clock has estimated how close we as a species are to destruction for almost 78 years. When the hand reaches midnight, it means humanity is engaged in a nuclear war. During the Cuban missile crisis during the cold war, it was 420 seconds until midnight. As of now, the clock is at 90 seconds, the closest it has ever been.

The world is currently grappling with various challenges that threaten peace and stability, including conflicts and tensions such as the Syrian civil war, the Chinese spy balloons, the china-taiwan tensions, and the Russia-Ukraine war. While these challenges demand our attention and action, we must also acknowledge the positive developments that offer hope and inspiration for the future.