Opinion: In-person school should not be implemented

Siri Chevuru, Design Editor

The District’s decision to open back schools starting from October 5th is worrying. Although the cases of COVID have declined greatly from the end of September, it is still a prominent problem. The only thing school would do is facilitate the spread of the virus and will put anyone attending at risk of contracting it

Reopening schools is a huge risk for students, teachers, and their families. The school is a breeding place for the virus. To prevent the spreading of the virus, strict precautions have to be taken. However, there’s only so much we can do to control people. There’s bound to be someone who disregards and violates the mask rules. Even a small slip of mask beneath the nose can spread COVID to the entire school. 

The single slip up could cause the virus to stick onto backpacks, clothes, and school supplies. Ultimately, It would not matter if the student was wearing a mask. They’d be able to contract the virus through contact with objects taken to and from school. 

If the virus could be diagnosed easily, then attending with proper mask and distancing guidelines wouldn’t cause such a big controversy. The fact is people who are sometimes exposed to the virus don’t show symptoms or they develop them later on. When students come to school thinking they’re safe, they could be unknowingly spreading the virus to everyone who’s participating. 

The virus is fast and silent. The virus moves from a student who innocently brings it to school, to a school-mate/teacher who unsuspectingly takes it home to their family and to wherever and or whomever they interact with next and so on. Soon, a large web is created of people who possibly carry the virus. 

Along with COVID, the whole process of doing school in person for half of the week and online for the other fuels the confusion students already have. Virtual school has already been established and teachers found ways to make it work. Students have also already adapted to the new way of learning. If school cannot be opened to be every single weekday, then there is no reason it should be opening now. 

There are too many questions that are unanswered. What if someone has to go to the bathroom? What’ll happen during lunch? Where will students eat lunch? Unless everything is given a detailed answer, it is predictable that the school does not have a complete plan to combat the spread of COVID. 

The most worrying part of the situation is the length students would have to stay at school at a time. The longer they have to stay with their masks, people get restless. This could lead to the touching of the face.

 Additionally, when a student can no longer hold in their bladder and is forced to go to the bathroom, they could possibly contract the virus. There’s no one policing people and forcing them to wear a mask in the bathroom. A student could easily remove their mask while in a stall and spread their virus to their surroundings. If the in-person school was shorter, for example, students would only attend a few classes at a time, then the new method could be considered. 

The opening of school should be halted until it’s safe for the school to open completely. Through forcing students to attend the district risks spreading the virus and causing harm to many people.