Let’s BeReal

New social media app has been created to help problems other social media platforms create

An app, despite already coming out in 2020, quickly rose up the most frequently used social media platforms. BeReal has found its way into many people’s home page.

“[BeReal] is kind of like anti-social media for people who still want social media,” science teacher Emilie Blanck said. “It goes against the normal picture perfect part, and you just show what you’re doing in the moment.”

Randomly throughout the day, BeReal sends a notification and allows users to take a picture of whatever they’re doing. The functions of BeReal are famously known for taking from both the front and rear cameras of your phone at the same time, adding a unique touch to their app.

Junior Niki Ahmadian points out the difference BeReal creates between other apps, mentioning things not just about camera views.

“In other social media [platforms] like Snapchat, Instagram and VSCO, you only see the good things when someone’s wearing makeup,” Ahmadian said. “So BeReal gave me a different perspective on how people actually live their life day to day.”

BeReal’s goal is to abolish the stereotypes of social media and improve people’s confidence by limiting the amount of time spent perfecting “the look.”

“You don’t have any time to edit it,” sophomore Sophie Timmons said. “You just take a picture of what you’re doing and just send it off for everyone to see.”

To prevent filtering, users are only allowed two minutes to take a photo of their current activity before it’s considered “late.” Once users hit that send button, they can’t take it back or alter it in any way.

“I think it definitely shows there was a huge difference before and after,” Blanck said.

Avid user of BeReal, Blanck said she loves to get on the app and see what people are up to.

“I think it’s a lot less stressful than other social media,” Blanck said. “It’s nice to see what people are doing.”

But while Blanck acknowledges the positives of BeReal, Ahmadian notices the risk factors of using the popular app.

“[The stalkers] can have a schedule of when you have soccer practice, when you go to school, when you go to work,” Ahmadian said.

Along with this, Timmons emphasized the importance of being responsible while using the app.

“People you don’t know can add you,” Timmons said. “But I think as long as you’re being responsible, it’s not like they’re at risk.”

Despite these potential issues, for many, BeReal is and continues to be a beneficial take on these new ages.

“I feel it’s good younger adults are seeing this stereotypical social media,” Ahmadian said. “And how it’s shifted.”