TIPS Talk: administration introduces Tips 2 to students


Karley Kent, editor-in-chief

This year, the administration proposed a new idea for the twice-a-week TIPS period formerly known as advisory. 

TIPS is a shortened class period with allotted time for students to engage in Naviance college prep lessons with the counseling department, attend club meetings or request help from teachers. 

The class is now broadening its scope and allowing upperclassmen students who fit the requirements to enjoy the benefits of “TIPS 2.” 

TIPS 2 will be offering juniors and seniors the opportunity to roam the Commons or other areas of the school freely during the even day block first semester. Along with this, there are plans for a coffee cart run out of the concession stand and students will be able to socialize with other students from other TIPS classes.

While the class may be enticing to students, teachers and admin have made it clear that this will be a privilege to the students that can be revoked if taken advantage of. 

Eligibility for TIPS 2 requires that students within a four-and-a-half-week window have no D/Fs,  unexcused absences or disciplinary issues, fewer than two tardies.

Sophomores will become eligible for TIPS 2 during second semester.