Going Greek: Rush week for sororities and fraternities goes viral on social media

As the school year begins to settle in, colleges all over the country have allowed their students to return to in-person classes and campus dorms after reviewing COVID-19 restrictions. 

Along with this, one of the most celebrated elements of college, known as Greek life, has started with Rush week. Rush week refers to the recruitment period in which students are chosen to join various Sororities or Fraternities that have chapters at their respective universities. 

Recently, videos of students showing their themed attire for Rush week or receiving letters of acceptance on “Bid-Day” have taken over social media platforms and given the institution lots of attention. These students have been from local schools or from colleges nationwide. 

This may not only be intriguing to high school students because of the familiar faces they have seen scrolling through their TikTok “For You Page,” but also because it encourages them to consider Greek life for themselves in the future. 

Although it isn’t a required experience to endure as a college student, Greek life has its alleged benefits to social life and campus connections. However, it is also not something that requires little maintenance, as many sororities have very specific rules regarding social media posting and equal collaborative involvement in the organization. 

If any upperclassmen students are interested in joining a sorority or fraternity, there is no lack of information currently circulating the internet. While it is not a necessity to make friends in college, Greek life is not just a viral trend, but an option worth exploring for many students at school.