Returning to reality; As society gradually becomes more busy, time management is necessary


As society begins to return back to reality, schedules are beginning to pile up. School, work and activities become overwhelming again and time management is a much-needed skill. Senior Natalie Robbin and sophomore Taylor Cavanaugh discuss their busy schedules and how time management is important. 

“It’s difficult because sometimes it’s hard to manage it all,” Robbin said. “Like you have school, you have work and sometimes you have practice on the same day or the next day. And it can get very hectic very fast.”

It can be easy to forget about making relationships a priority when work and school seem to be requiring all attention. 

“[One way] I try to balance my relationships is I try to keep one weekday and one weekend open,” Cavanaugh said. “And if I can, I always try to call my friends to have some sort of social interaction.”

A large part of time management is deciding which takes priority over the other. Everyone has their own system.

“Usually it’s whatever happens first. So if I know about softball, I will likely go to softball over work because of scheduling,” Cavanaugh said. “And I usually work over hangouts, because I hang my hangouts last. But it all depends what happens first.”

A simple question can lead to another commitment and being able to say no is important.

“A lot of times I overbook myself. So I will have work and then I will also plan something that day so then it’s a lot,” Robbin said. “Or I will over-exert myself so I will pick up a shift when I already have five that week and it becomes too much.”

Although the busy lifestyle is not for everyone, it can be enjoyable. 

“For me work is fun, I love the people that I work with. And softball is really fun I love my teammates. It’s just nice o be around people that you like every day,” Cavanaugh said. “It doesn’t give you a lot of time to be bored because its time consuming and I like being busy.”