“What’s Your Sign” Students explain their views on zodiac signs and what they mean to them.


Maleena Baha


Every year, people all around the new year use the term “new year, new me” at the beginning of the year, staking a claim that they will improve themselves for the new. Getting into new habits and getting rid of the wrong ones, however, isn’t as easy as it sounds. The reason for this, some students say, is because of zodiac signs.

Senior Alyssa Cangelose who had gotten into zodiac signs and astrology about a year ago said she reads charts for other people.

“Everyone has a specific chart,” Cangelose said. “There’s different ‘planets’ — your sun, your moon, your Venus, your Mars…each of those ‘planets’ has a sign  assigned to it.”

Cangelose said the moon represents your emotions and her Libra moon means she expresses emotions as a Libra. By doing her research and learning how to read charts for her friends, Cangelose said she has learned a lot about her signs and how they work. 

“Everyone that I know that has had me read their chart, really resonates with it,” Cangelose said.

Junior Olivia Hall said she believed in Zodiac signs since hers fit with her personality.

“I really fit my Zodiac sign,” Hall, an Aquarius, said. “One of the main [traits] is [being] independent. I really just keep it to myself, and I have a small friend group.” 

First hearing about Zodiac signs from her parents, Hall said she believes in Zodiac signs, but doesn’t let clashing signs affect her friendships.

“I know that I don’t get along with certain Zodiac signs,” Hall said. “It doesn’t really affect my friendships; I don’t think about it that much.”

One of the key components of one’s Zodiac sign is the characteristic traits that align with it. Cangelose, a Cancer, said that not all signs get along.

“For each sign, there [are] compatible and incompatible signs assigned to it,” Cangelose said. “Cancers are compatible with Scorpios and Tauruses…but they’re also very opposed to Aries and Libra.”

Similar to other pseudoscience beliefs such as the Bermuda Triangle, many people either believe or don’t believe in Astrology in Zodiac signs.

Cangelose said she chose to believe in them because of how specific it is to each person. 

“I don’t really see it as religion, but I tend to see it as something to believe in, you know, because it’s very specific to each person,” Cangelose said.

On the other hand, sophomore Audra Pugel said she doesn’t believe in Zodiac Signs since it contradicts her religion, Christianity. 

“It’s considered a sin to believe in them,” Pugel said.

First hearing about them from social media several years ago, Pugel said she knows she is a Scorpio and sometimes would read about her sign.

“Sometimes it’s really cool to read about them, especially when they do fall in line with your personality traits and stuff,” Pugel said. “They’re fun to read, but my religion makes me believe otherwise.”

Pugel said even though she doesn’t believe in them, other people do and they are free to believe in what they choose to believe in.