Students share their favorite spots during the holidays

Ashlyn Wakefield, Staff Writer

Ice skating:

In the heart of Crown Center Square the Ice Terrace stands tall with people of all ages underneath on the ice, braving the cold. Either going for a lesson or just for fun the rink is open from November to March many people like Senior Larissa Vogt take full advantage of this seasonal activity. “I enjoy going down to crown center ice terrace with friends and family. The best part is always watching friends and family fall and dragging the other family member or friend with them” Vogt said. Go down to the Ice Terrace at Crown Center this winter and enjoy a day with your family and friends.



Thanksgiving night at 6:45 the switch is flipped by Mayor Sly James followed by fireworks and a different musical performances. Going down to see the Plaza lights is a Kansas City tradition that starts on Thanksgiving night and continues to be a hot spot until January 13th.  Student Dom DiCicco went to the Plaza this year to perform with his acapella group. When describing the experience DiCicco said “Performing at the plaza lighting was a really unique experience and I’m very grateful I was able to perform with a group of people who are so talented and fun to be with.”


Crown Center:

During the Winter season Crown Center is decked out in holiday decorations drawing the attention of the young and old. Crown Center has a plaza where wooden replicas of firetrucks, cars, horses, and more surround a giant tree decorated with big ornaments as the centerpiece. Junior Patches Oxford loves going with her family to see the tree, eat at the Crayola Cafe and to see Santa as a yearly tradition. She appreciates the tradition and says “I love going to crown center and the crown center plaza to see the huge tree. It’s a fun experience, even though it’s a little chilly, it’s still worth going with my family and shopping and celebrating the upcoming Holidays.”    

Senior Max Pinson signs at The Plaza Lighting with his a capella group. Photo courtesy of Dom DeCicco