Students shed light on favorite summer break hang outs


Jonah McCormick, Design Editor

Sugar Creek

Sugar Creek is a popular spot where locals go to get a quick thrill by jumping off an old bridge into the creek below, providing a break from the hot KC weather. Sophomore Caroline Hoggatt said she heard about Sugar Creek through a friend on Instagram. “Jumping off of a bridge sounded pretty fun and it was on my bucket list so I crossed it off,“ Hoggatt said. “I was kind of scared at first but I ended up having a lot of fun.” photo courtesy of Caroline Hoggatt.

The Warehouse off Roe

Rumored to be an old jewlery factory, The Warehouse off Roe Avenue offers a place to rediscover the previously abandoned. Junior Brett Thomas likes how there is so many different reasons to visit. “ I go to The Warehouse because it’s a different place to hang with my friends but you can see photographers and adventurers there all the time.”


Joe’s BBQ

Joe’s BBQ is a popular eatery with multiple locations around Kansas City. Freshman Taft Barr said he likes how the restaurant has large portioned meals and great customer service. “You can always smell the meat being smoked from outside the restaurant,” Barr said. “They have a great food and the enviroment feels like home.”