Senior Marty Verhaeghe reflects on his wrestling career

Donna Armstrong, online photo editor

Q: What do you do to keep in shape for wrestling season year round?

A: I’m just constantly pushing myself, not letting myself get out of shape… I’m always active, no matter what it is. Always doing something. Chris Perry said, ‘20 minutes a day doing something,’ it doesn’t have to be directly wrestling, it can be anything, it can be basketball even other sports. Just keep your mind active.

Q: What has been your biggest motivator in your wrestling career?

A: Just to be the best, the best I can possibly be, to give myself the best chance to be the best that I can be and knowing that I did everything that I could. That’s kind of my motivator, just knowing that ‘wow, I did everything I could.’

Q: What has been your biggest struggle?

A: In my seventh grade year, I would get pinned, and I didn’t like getting pinned, so I just told myself I wasn’t going to get pinned anymore. It was a mental hurdle I had to get over because I would get pinned quite a bit. I realized I couldn’t get pinned anymore. I had to set up my mind and say I wasn’t going to do that. And sure enough, it doesn’t happen anymore. I think I’ve only been pinned once in my high school career and I’ve had well over 150 matches. That was my biggest mental hurdle.

Q: Why do you continue to wrestle?

A: It’s a great sport. In the real world you have to manage three or four or five things, and it’s going to be really hard. [Wrestling] is just preparing me for the real world. It’s really stressful in the real world sometimes and in the wrestling season it can be stressful managing certain things. I think it’s just the fact that it’s preparing me for the real world.

Q: How do you train for wrestling in your personal fitness hour?

A: I like the exercise; it keeps me active. I took weights and I didn’t like it because it was a lazier attitude. I like this hour that I take on my own… It’s a lot of hard work — it’s as hard as you make it. I think exercise has a lot to do with your mind, too. Exercise helps me to perform all my daily tasks a lot better.