The Forthcoming of Finals

Michael Magyar, Writing Coach

The holiday season has arrived. The temperature has turned frigid and the spirit of the Yuletide is in the air. These joyful times are however accompanied by a menacing threat. The ghastly essence of finals week loom.

This week can truly be one of the more stressful periods of time a teenager has to face. This semi-annual tradition of appalling examination is a mountain in need of conquering.  Cramming comes in to play and students will stuff as much knowledge into their heads as possible in remarkably miniscule periods of time.  Thus is the longstanding institution.

So for this upcoming finals week remember a couple of useful reminders. No, your parents will not abandon you because you got a B instead of an A, or a C instead of a B. No, you won’t be forever chained to a lifetime of flipping burgers because you missed five too many questions on that test. Hit the books early and study hard and to eat a care-package worth of comfort food while you’re at it. Merry finals week everyone!