“Fury” Movie Review


Broc Putnam, Staff Writer

This week I saw the new movie released in theaters “Fury” starring Brad Pitt. The movie takes place in war ridden Germany during 1944. After four years of fighting together a tank crew (Shia LaBeouf, Michael Pina Brad Pitt and Jon Bernthal) is giving a new member (Logan Lerman) who has never experienced warfare, let alone the inside of a tank. Forced to learn on the job, Noah is forced to adapt to his new way of life in the home that they all call “Fury”.

The movie did a great, using sounds and incorporating real battlefield tactics in order to give the movie a real life feel to it. In many cases when I was in the theater, i felt like I was sitting in the tank itself. The scream of every shell, the rattle of every explosion, and the desperation in the voices all helped the film immensely and made me jump in my seat a couple times.

The crew of the tank stair off into the vast wasteland.
The crew of the tank stair off into the vast wasteland.

Another big thing the movie had going for it was the cast that the director got for the film. Ok first off, Brad Pitt was amazing in every aspect. Every monologue that the had left the audience breathless and with a chill up their spine. Shila LaBeouf was also great, he brought a sort of religious side to this war.

All in all “Fury” was an amazing film with great acting. Great story writing, and setts. It was a wild roller coaster and will leave your breathless. In the end I will give “Fury” four out of five stars.