Arbitrary adventures

Michael Magyar

While I may fake enjoying the presence of a majority of its inhabitants I fit into society somewhat seamlessly. Besides the most stressful thing in my life right now being the MLB Playoff races, I’ m for the most part your average  teenager. My life doesn’t revolve around blending in or standing out I really don’t feel the need to do either.  My life however is a fascinating one. My vast interests allow me to be passionate about things completely non-related to one another which puts me in somewhat of a bind. Finding someone who cares as much as he does about Doctor Who as he does college basketball, or someone who is torn between putting down a video game console from before they were born and going bass fishing is not simple. Nonetheless I don’t ever mind not being able to find company to share in my enjoyment. These ample interest allow me a portal to adventures in the physical form anywhere I go. From my experiences of almost getting trampled to death in Lawrence, to escaping an apocalyptic scene at Kauffman Stadium, this blog is meant as a gateway to my life. My arbitrary adventures.