Unfamiliar Classes

We all have different interests; Southwest aims to meet all student’s interests through various classes that are offered. Some classes are more well known than others such as ELA, sciences, and social studies because they are core classes that are required for graduation. However, we have 7.5 required elective credits to fill with classes of our choice. Classes such as philosophy, robotics, and business law are some of these extra options that can fill the extraneous credits.

“I took philosophy because it is a great prerequisite for college philosophy which I’m very interested in,” sophomore Kate Perrigo said. “Also, I thought it would be a good idea to take something different in high school to set me apart.”

These classes spark some interest in some students but sometimes a few isn’t enough and the classes don’t make the cut. If there isn’t enough students that sign up during enrollment during the beginning of the year, the class isn’t in the class roster for the year. This was the case with business law last year, however this year it found enough people to make a class during second semester.

When classes make the cut, they can get the students more interested in the topic and it can help them decide if the class is right for them and if it can help them with their future. It can be very beneficial for students.

“I wanted to take business law to learn more in depth about corporations,” senior Seth Haupt said. “I’m very interested in joining partnerships in the future and taking the class can help me realize whether or not it would be a career path I would want to take.”

During the enrollment for next year, take time to go through all the offered classes and make sure to sign up for the classes that sound interesting so the class has an opportunity to make the cut for the school year.

“I’m really glad I was able to take philosophy this year,” sophomore Miles Lester said. “The class challenges me and helps me learn how to think deeper on a topic and be able to state my opinion but also have facts to be able to back it up. It’s a very valuable life skill and I don’t think I could have gotten it through any other class.”