Step by Step

They run multiple miles everyday. In scorching heat, the beads of sweat roll down their faces as they push on. Putting in hard work and dedication pays off. In practice they give it all they’ve got. They have found a love in making their legs carry them that extra mile, or sprinting the last hundred feet to break their record time.

Cross country (XC) practices everyday after school and on Saturdays. Some days the team runs eight or more miles and the other days they run inclines. They also do swimming workouts because it gets them off their feet and gives them alternate ways to practice cardio. They swim before school every Wednesday.

“XC is a challenge because it’s not only physically demanding, you also have to have the mind set to push yourself farther,” varsity runner Brendan Keleman said.

They are broken down into three teams, varsity, JV and C team. However, all the teams are still expected to put in the same amount of effort and do their best so they can represent our school in the best way possible.

“Cross country has given me a family of teammates that I love,” varsity runner Carson Buel said. “It has also given me the opportunity to push myself so I can be the best runner that I can be.”

The sport requires a great deal of endurance. They run between six to nine miles in one hour with no breaks. It is a very timely process and requires a large exertion of energy.

“Cross country has impacted me as a runner in many ways. First of all, it has made me a better runner and has enhanced my endurance,” JV runner Delaney Oliver said. “Before, running was something I was good at and now it is something I love to do.”

Cross country is one of the few co-ed teams. This means everyone is given equal amounts of opportunities. Both guys and girls run the same events and they participate in the same races.

“I enjoy the team because it is really different than most teams are because we are co-ed,” varsity runner Megan Edwards said. “Everyone is really close with each other and we all have a close relationship with our coaches because we all spend so much time together; we are truly a family.”

The cross country team will have their first meet on Sept. 5 at the Bobcat Invitational. The first race starts at 4 p.m. where the cross country team will try to defend their first place finish from last year.