Students battle cold temperatures to try out for spring sports

Karley Kent, Staff Writer

Getting ready to serve the ball, sophomore Alex Ott warms up at practice on Feb. 25. Ott said he was cut from the team last year, but is eager for this year’s tryouts. “I like tennis because of the people surrounding it,” Ott said. “It’s so much fun when you can play with your friends and just have a good time.”
Chipping the ball, senior Nick Limback, finishes his round during
practice on Feb. 26. Limback has been on the team all four years, and said he’s hopeful for this upcoming season. “If we all come together and find our rhythm and find our groove, we could potentially win a state title, and bring that home for Southwest,” Limback said.
About to throw the ball, senior Kori Stonestreet does pitching drills at practice on Feb. 25.
Stonestreet said she has been playing softball since she could walk, and is
excited for her final
season at southwest. “We have a lot of good
underclassmen coming in that I’m really excited about,” Stonestreet said. “Nobody’s hurt yet this year so we’re all going to be ready to play and I think it’s going to be a really good season.”
Throwing the ball, sophomore Lance Teague works on pitching at practice on Feb. 25. He said he is excited to be playing junior varsity, and is eager for the season to begin.“It’s a lot of fun to play with all of your friends, and we all come
together to represent the school,” Teague said.
Coming up for a breath of air, junior Courtney Hafner swims laps during practice on Feb. 25. Hafner said this is her first year on the team and she is excited for the season.“I like it a lot, it’s a big workout, but it’s really fun,” Hafner said. “The girls are all really supportive if you’ve done it for all four years, or if you are just starting so it’s really nice to be a part of that family environment already.”
Working on footwork, sophomore Hannah Phillips does field drills at practice on Feb. 25. Phillips played for junior varsity last year and also plays for a club team. “I’m looking forward to being on a new team other than my club team to meet new girls, and play with different people,” Phillips said.
Running on the track, sophomore Kagan
Leiker, warms up at practice on Feb. 25. Leiker said he was not on track last year, but is excited to become a part of the team. “I’m looking forward to being around the track community,” Leikner said. “They are all really nice I just like being with my teammates.”