Football Restrictions

As school begins and everybody starts to see the new normal come into place, things look extremely different. The halls that once were filed with life and commotions are now filled by approximately one third of those from past years. For many high school students, the Friday night lights, the glow of the field, and the roar of the crowd is a sought after experience. However, in covid times, these nights look extremely different. The bleachers are filled with only the immediate family of the players. 

“If they live in your household, they are welcome to come to the games”, states Anthony Orrick. 

A lack of players could possibly cause a change in mindset of the players. However, according to Orrick, the players do not seem to be affected. The parents try their best to make up for the virtually empty stands. Despite the changes, Orrick is attempting to make the most of the season.

“I hope to have state playoffs this year and give these seniors the best opportunity and the best experience that we possibly can during their senior year”, states coach Orrick.

Although senior’s final year greatly differs from what was expected, the hope is to give them some enjoyable final memories on the team. As the season progresses, Orrick worries about a few aspects of the team.

“The thing that we struggle with right now is probably just a little bit of discipline… making sure that we are taking advantage of every opportunity that we have and not making untimely mistakes,” Orrick states.

The way students show their support must change. However, it is still possible to show school spirit. 

“(You can show support when) you like or send a shoutout to some of our players on social media. I know Northwest had some fans in the parking lot cheering for the guys. I think that is the best thing, communicating with our players and letting them know, ‘Hey we are here supporting you and hoping you guys have a good season,” Orrick said.