Glitter Girls Light up the Night

Cheyenne Greathouse, journalism 1 student

FullSizeRender (3)The glitter girls have returned to get the crowd moving and cheering as a another season of Friday night football games has returned.

Q: What is your favorite part of football games?

A: “My favorite part is probably when we score and we dance to the fight song,” freshman Glitter Girl Julie McKinsey said. “Or in between quarters when the band plays and we get to dance.”

Q: How well do you think they pump up the student section?

A: “I think they do an okay job,” freshman Rachel Wolf said. “It would be better if they did more dancing rather than cheering, but that’s okay.”

Q: What is your favorite part of watching them at the football games?

A: “I enjoy watching them get the crowd involved with the cheerleaders. Just seeing them get them involved with the entire student body (band, cheerleaders, fans, and football team) is exciting,” Hess said. “I love the school spirit at Southwest, and am happy to have the dancers be apart of that.”

Q: Do you wish you did more during the games?
A: “It would be fun to do more,” McKinsey said. “And we can only dance to whatever the band plays so if they don’t play, we can’t dance.”

Q: Do you think the girls show a lot of enthusiasm?
A: “I have been proud of the dancers promoting school spirit at pep assemblies and football games,” Coach Hess said. “They are always excited to get out and support their school and teams.”

Q: What do you look forward to the most during the games?
A: “I like being down on the track and dancing,” McKinsey said. “But I also look forward to third quarter when I get to be a part of the student section and talk to my friends.”

Q: What has your experience been like on the track compared to the stands?
A: “It’s great. The view and everything,” freshman Glitter Girl Haley Eksi said. “It is a lot different from sitting in the stands but I love cheering on the team.”

Q: Do you wish they did more during the games?
A: “I would like to see the girls do more dancing at the games. It has been a unique season because it is the first year the dancers have not been involved in the band’s halftime show,” Hess said. “We are brainstorming more ways to get the Glitter Girls involved in the football games in the future. This has been a year of transition and trying out new things.”

Q: What do you wish you saw more of during the game from the girls?
A: “More dancing, less pompoms,” Wolf said. “That is too much like the cheerleaders.”

Q: How does the emotion coming from the student section make you feel and reflect into your dancing?
A: “If people are actually cheering and stuff it kind of pumps us up,” Eksi said. “And it makes us more excited to dance.”FullSizeRender (2)