Twirling to the top


Cheyenne Greathouse, journalism 1 student

On Saturday, September 27, the Glitter Girls are holding a fundraiser where they will be at Sonic on 159th and Metcalf form 2-5 where they will serve you themselves to support the team. They will be accepting tips. The girls are also in the works for a possible Dance Marathon on November 14 from 6-9 in the gym. They are planning on splitting the money with local dance related organizations, in particular, a organization who gives dance classes to kids with limited resources. It will benefit both the dance team and local dance organizations.

Coach Alex Hess is a follower in supporting charity and fundraisers for a good cause. She wants to include these opportunities into the girls time on the dance team. It also brings the opportunity to build a better bond between the girls. Hess can recognize the chemistry between the girls and know that they can count on each other.

“It’s always fun to watch people who get along well dance together,” says Coach Hess. “Because there’s more chemistry on the dance floor.”

The Glitters Girls make sure to welcome those new and old. Freshman Haley Eksi talks about how she felt coming in as a new student and dancer. She has found that immediately getting involved with the dance team has opened several new doors.

“I was nervous first joining the team since I was new to the school,” says freshman Haley Eksi, “but all the girls made sure I was included and welcomed into the team as well as the school.”

They have trained all summer to prepare for the school year. Those three months together really created a tight bond and perfected the chemistry.

“I can tell that they work really hard and practice a lot,” says Savannah Greathouse, “I haven’t seen any mistakes in their dance routines.”

The road ahead isn’t always going to be easy as the girls strive to achieve their goals. But even if one girl falls, the rest of the team is there to catch them.

“I really want to have sharper movements,” says freshman Julie McKinsey, “and to be confident in what I’m doing.”

Since the beginning of the team, they have worked for countless hours perfecting routines. Coach Hess explains that the girls have created a sisterhood among themselves. They all support each other for what may lie ahead in the future.

“All the girls have so much talent and I want them to continue dancing long after they leave Southwest,” says Hess.

The Glitters Girls are twirling their way to the top as they continue throughout the year as well as for the sisterhood created among themselves. To see their next performance, be sure to make a stop by the next home football game!