Boys soccer team finishes season

They worked together to reach their common goal. They showed great determination and dedication towards their sport. Every goal the boys soccer team made helped them keep their record in good standing.

“It was a great experience being able to play with the upperclassman,” sophomore Jacob Weaver said. “They taught me a lot about soccer and about the program. We had a great season and I’m very proud of everything we accomplished.”

The fans along with the cheerleaders keep the players motivated while they are on the field. Fans filled the stands at both the regional and state quarter game. They provided  high energy and brought multiple signs for good luck that hung around the stadium. They supported the boys in cold weather at the regional game and in pouring rain at the state quarter game.

“It’s my last year here at Southwest and I’m very proud of the soccer team, they had a lot of dedication this season and it really paid off,” senior Andy Lindsey said. “I wanted to support the team because they have improved so much and grown since freshman year. I couldn’t be more proud of the work they put in and I wanted to support them in every way I could.”

As the soccer season came to a close, the varsity team managed to maintain a winning record of 12-6-1. With the instruction of their coach Jason Pendleton, they advanced to regionals and won against Mill Valley. Then, they went onto state quarters and lost to Saint James in a close game of 3-1.

“We gave it our all this season,” junior Cole Nyffeler said. “Our team was really dedicated and we worked really hard to make it to state quarters. I’m lucky to have such a great team.”