All wrapped up

Sarah Fifield, staff writer

Many people don’t know what happens to athletes after they hit the floor. They don’t usually go to the school nurse or the hospital, but instead to the trainer’s room to get evaluated, taped and iced.
Arriving at Blue Valley Southwest around 2:30 p.m., athletic trainer Carri Snedden officially begins her day here.
After consulting with the nurse about student injuries, Snedden evaluates athletes after school.
After treating people in the trainers room, she then heads out to help with practices and games.
She may only work for a few hours each day, but Snedden does her fair share for our athletics department.
A lot of athletes visit the trainers room to tape something up, or to ice an injury.
“I go to the trainer almost every day before cross country,” freshman Brady Wagner said. “I go because of the tendinitis in my knee and for my sore ankles.”
Being a trainer may seem like no big deal, but hurt athletes will line up out the door just to see Snedden.

“Without the trainer, we probably wouldn’t be as good of a cross-country team,” Wagner said. “If people were always injured and not getting taped and such, we wouldn’t have good runners.”

With so many athletes needing to see the trainer, there must not be enough time to treat them all.

“I am not really stressed,” Snedden said. “I just feel bad because I have to speed out to practice. People may not get my undivided attention, and I know some people leave and I feel bad because I can’t help them.”

With injuries ranging from minor to severe, a handful of Southwest athletes are required to check in with Snedden and be evaulated by her daily.

“In the beginning of the year, I went [to the trainer] almost every day to get my ankle and elbow taped,” senior football player Tanner Rozell said. “Every game day [she] tapes my ankles and elbow.”

Whether it’s a sprained ankle or a sore wrist, Snedden is the secret weapon for our athletics department.

From the training room to the practice field, Snedden is taping and icing injuries, and helping our Southwest athletes to be at their best.