GALLERY: Classroom Photos on May 25

Junior Isabelle Swanson finishes her final of cleaning her kitchen. (Kendyl Cook)
Junior Isabelle Swanson cleans out her kitchen in Culinary Essentials. (Kendyl Cook)
Junior Jenson Pechar cleans up his kitchen as the school year ends. (Kendyl Cook)
Junior Chase Brungardt starts his final project in US History in Pendleton’s class. (Kendyl Cook)
Junior Hunter Hartweger helps out her classmates Carsen Tinkler and Anay Patel on a breakout room in Honors Accounting. (Kendyl Cook)
Junior Carsen Tinkler works on a breakout room with Anay Patel. (Kendyl Cook)
Freshman Landon Christiansen starts to finish his final with his classmates. (Kendyl Cook)
Junior Tyler Sardelli works on his math Final in the last week of the school year. (Kendyl Cook)
Junior Dylan Brewster talks to his classmate Charlie Graven while working on their finals. (Kendyl Cook)
Junior Ethan Levine works on his final project in the hallway. (Kendyl Cook)