Weird American Thing of the Month #3 – ‘America Sized’


Frost Hunter, Staff Writer

America, the place of the bigger (items), and the better. America is known around the world as the land of opportunity, wealth, and prosperity. Many leave what they have behind to start a bigger, better life in the American economic utopia. However, this raises the question, is bigger really better?

Here in Overland Park, it is absolutely impossible to find any house smaller than a bloody mansion. Well, they’re mansions from my point of view, normal sized houses here are extra-extra large in New Zealand. 

Another one of the USA’s specialties is fast food, the American fast food industry is quickly growing in size (just like its clients). It is one of the things that the USA is known for around the world. I have to say, the USA does fast food better than all of the countries I’ve been to so far.

Contradicting the entire point of this story, the cost of each item in the United States is at least three times less than New Zealand prices for that item. New Zealand imports the vast majority of its goods because it doesn’t have enough land to produce all of it itself. This naturally makes everything more expensive there. 

With cheap prices, great food, and Amazon, (not even going to get into that topic) the USA is the king of consumerism.


In the halls

“When you’re talking about quantity vs quality, it depends on the category you’re in. I would probably choose a quality vehicle over a bigger vehicle because I want to make sure the vehicle doesn’t fall apart. [however] I would like a bigger TV over a small TV if they’re both good quality.” – Modern world history teacher Mr. Christensen.