Students are losing interest in reading

Sitting down with a good book is an experience like none other for me. The words on the crisp paper fill my head with thoughts and ideas that transfigure the senses. However, taking time to actually read a book is slowly growing out of fashion.

When a teenager does any form of reading at all, it’s most likely going to be a on a screen. A cell phone dominates a teens life, almost controlling them and forcing them to use them 24/7. Reading literature is becoming a lost hobby, an activity that to many holds no purpose.

The world has been becoming a fast one, with inhabits that simply say they have no time for silly things such as books. Now a days the closest someone will get to reading a book is watching the film adaptation.

Most teenagers today when given an assignment to pick out a book to read on their own will immediately search out for the thinnest book possible.

Books can be an escape to reality, from the lavish tales from Tolkien, to the complex rhymes of Shakespeare. They allow those who open their bindings to truly immerse themselves in wonderful in the wonderful locutions written on the white paper.

Our society is an ever-growing one, non-stop gaining technology. There is however one thing that can be agreed on. There always will be enough time to sit down and read a good book.