Adolescents and grown-ups alike have long speculated over the issue of teens and trick-or-treating. Adults argue that rowdy, pumpkin-smashing, candy-stealing teens make trick-or-treating unsafe and not enjoyable for younger children, while adolescents may insist on the contrary.

Some adults have an issue with handing out candy to teenagers who have no costume and instead of a pillow case, or cute plastic jack-o-lantern, they expect to have candy put into their school backpack. I can see their point, there is nothing cute about it. Adults would rather  see a cute little kid in a princess dress with their winter coat zipped up on top of their costume.

So what if a teenager with a well planned costume, that actually looks decent, goes trick or treating, would they get candy? Probably, but not the decent candy you come to expect. Many houses now have two bowls, one for kids in elementary school and one for teens. The difference between these bowls is not something that goes unnoticed. The little kid bowl consists of mini, bite-size, or fun-sized chocolate bars, while the teenage bowl is full of cheap Wal-Mart brand candy that you can feel rotting your teeth as you eat it.

Many think teenagers not trick or treating is norm, but this doesn’t mean you are not allowed to go.

“As long as you’re willing to dress up with a few friends, enjoy it,” science teacher Lynn Martens said. “It’s more fun when you dress up.”

Some teens slyly tag along with a younger sibling and just so happen to throw on a mask and take a pillow case (and in some cases  backpack) in order to get candy. If I remember correctly, that’s not how it is done.

Getting prepared for trick-or-treating should take a lot more time then just digging through a box in the basement to find the Michael Meyers mask you wore when you were 10. Try going to the store to buy a cheap $20 costume which includes an outfit and, of course, a new mask. You could even make a costume. However that does not mean you should take an old T-shirt and splatter some red paint on it and call it good, that is a one-way ticket to getting the cheap candy.

Halloween is a time for fun to be had by all, but not everyone understands the very simple concept that is trick-or-treating. Whether you are five years old or 55, trick-or-treating is a tradition for those young and old. Don’t forget, you are never to old to for some T-or-T.

Guide to a Halloween Party:
This Halloween, BV Southwest students are doing a variety of activities in preperation for a crazy Halloween party.
“Dance parties with neon and strobe lights are bomb,” sophomore Hannah Riley said.

If you’re planning a fantastic Halloween party, fellow students and faculty say these items are a must:
-Candy, and lots of it!
-Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows
-Variety of soft drinks
-Tombstones in the front yard (The more gross body parts, the better. -Doc. Martens)
-Bobbing for apples
-Special snacks that are scary/Halloween themed
-Glow sticks
-Strobe Lights
-Have a theme (Themed, not lame, so that people will still come. -Hunter Sprong)
-Costume contest
Costumes then and now
As a child, Halloween is seen as a day where you get to dress up in silly ensembles and beg for pounds of delicious, sugary treats. Yet, as years pass, Halloween becomes another a reason to throw a party and be with your friends (although candy is still expected.)

“I like the fact that everyone gets to dress up as someone different than themselves,” junior Rachel Cross said. “It’s just one of those fun times of the year. And an excuse to have a party.”

Blue Valley Southwest students and faculty have many costumes they have seen from years past to present that they have found memorable.

“My favorite Halloween costume I’ve been was a crayon,” sophomore Hannah Riley said. “And it was cool because me and like seven of my friends did it together and we were all different colors.”

“When I was in kindergarten, I dressed up as Minnie the Mouse,” Freshman Emma Stewart said. “And I was the cutest, If i do say so myself”.
This Halloween season, Southwest students have ideas about what the top costumes of this season will be.
“I’m sure there will be a ton of Snooki because she’s really popular right now and so cute,” Riley said.

The top expected top costumes:
1. Lady Gaga– Calling all you little monsters, if you’re googoo for Gaga, this is the costume for you.
2. Jersey Shore-The popular t.v. show Jersey Shore and there crazy reality star Snooki are intended to be a very common costume this year.
3. Alice In Wonderland– If you enjoyed this classic tale with a twist, be mad as a hatter or as lovely as Alice.
4. Batman- na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, Batman!
5. Vampire- Sink your teeth into this blood-thirsty ensemble, and join the coven phenomenon.