Quick analysis of candidates for state governor

Jonah McCormick, Design Editor

Kris Kobach is the republican candidate:

Kobach is known for having hard-line views on voting access and immigration and is very loyal to President Trump, according to politifact.com. He is adamant on building the republican party of Kansas around Trump.

According to politico.com, Kobach has been under scrutiny in the past for unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud.

“I would vote for Kris Kobach because I believe he would be able to create jobs to make our economy flourish,” senior Alex Rockwell said.

Laura Kelly is the democratic candidate:

She fights for education, lower health care costs and working with the public to create jobs in all levels of society, according to The Wichita Eagle.

She also approves the idea of tightening gun laws because she believes the government and other lawmakers have made them too easy to acquire in recent years.

“I support Kelly because I believe in tighter gun control in the sense of protection so we have less mass shootings, but at the same time I do support the right to bear arms,” senior Reagan Kerr said.

Greg Orman is the independent candidate:

Orman is interested in making the government work for the people and making sure it doesn’t specialize in national party agendas, according to OrmanforKansas.com.

He would like to see improvements to healthcare costs and access, which would aid in a better workforce and also higher wages.

“Greg Orman isn’t in a specific party, and I think that’s definitely important because people who are in one party or another tend to favor their own party over the general public,” senior Amayah Meadows said.