Q&A With Senior Riley Blee

Ashlyn Wakefield, Staff Writer

Q: Name?

A: Hi my name is Riley Blee

Q: Grade?

A:I am a senior at Blue Valley Southwest.

Q:What is your diagnosis?

A:I am affected waist down. My disability makes my legs tighter so it’s hard for me to walk.

Q:When were you diagnosed?

A:I was diagnosed with transverse myelitis when I was two from the flu shot.

Q:Why do you use a segway?

A:I ride the Segway so that I don’t have to walk and to prevent me from falling

Q:What got you into basketball?

A: I started wheelchair basketball last year because one of my good friends from my school in Minnesota told me I should try it because he loved playing the sport. I was pretty hesitant to play because I thought the kids wouldn’t me athletic. I was wrong! The kids and adults that I play with are just as athletic as a normal person. Most of them got injured later on in life because of a stupid accident. A few of them that I play with actually played D1 football and then got injured.

Q:How do you stay in shape for basketball? (exercise or diets?)

A:The way I stay in shape is every other day and I push 10 miles on the track at blue Valley hilltop. Then lift some weights. At the end I shoot baskets for an hour. The days that I’m not doing this I am practicing with the team. I also am gluten-free dairy free sugar-free.

Q:What are your plans for the future?

A: I am first going to play college basketball at the University of Missouri next year. Then I plan on trying out for team USA!