counselors give advice on how to pick a major in college and how to save money

Elianna Oliver, Copy Editor

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  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses as an individual.
  • Consider small scale judgments such as if you prefer indoor or outdoor settings or if you consider yourself to be a people person or not to guide your search for a major.
  • Use Naviance as a platform for career searches as well as looking into colleges that fit your desires — size, location, organizations, etc.
  • Pursue something you’re passionate about because you will be more willing to work hard at it.
  • Be honest with yourself about which major you want more. Don’t get caught up in the salary and money-making aspect of a prospective career. Do what will make you happy even if that isn’t something with a six figure salary.
  • Be patient with yourself. It’s OK to go into college undecided and it’s OK to change your major in the process. Take the steps you need to pursue a career that you truly enjoy.
  • Look into programs or colleges that will accommodate your different interests in the form of minors or clubs and organizations.
  • If you meet someone that has a job that is interesting to you try informational interviewing. Ask them what it is they do, how did they get there, did they need special skills, what did they major in, etc. Use the people around you to educate yourself on a wide variety of career options.

Saving money:

  • Visit websites such as, and for micro scholarships.
  • Visit websites like for unusual and interesting essay prompts for scholarships.
  • Apply for scholarships that are connected to essays because less people go for essay-based scholarships.
  • Create a budget, stick with your meal plan and stray away from eating out.
  • If the company you’re getting your student loans though allows it, pay your loans off during college.
  • Save any money you get or earn at work, and put it toward necessities such as textbooks.
  • Stay away from online shopping and buying things you don’t need just because you aren’t under the supervision of your parents anymore.
  • Limit yourself on extravagant outings with friends and look for small areas you can save money. Use your old highlighters even if they aren’t the colors you want, eat leftovers instead of going out, etc.
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