The Battle Is On

The Battle Is On

Sarah Fifield, staff writer

They have loaded water guns, water balloons on back-up and a skillfully composed plan. With their target in sight, Blue Valley Southwest seniors are ready to attack.

With the always-anticipated game of Senior Assassins underway, seniors throughout Southwest, as well as in other Blue Valley high schools, are preparing for this ‘battle’.

“I think it will be fun,” senior Kristen Buendia said. “And thinking of a clever way to get someone would be awesome.”

With a ‘seniors-only’ policy for participants, freshmen, sophomores and juniors are left with excitement and anticipation of what lies ahead.

“Assassins is a game in which players are assigned a ‘target’ whom

they must ‘wet’ using water with ei- ther a water gun or by other means,” Senior Assassins coordinator Alex Cohen said. “This process continues until the last man is standing.”

Because each player is assigned a target, the game acts as one big circle. Once a person eliminates their target, the person they shot then reveals who they were assigned to shoot, and the assassin takes over that target.

This process continues as each person is eliminated. With only the simple task of hitting your assigned target with water, one would think the game is easy. Think again.

“The shooting has to take place off of school property and people can only go into a target’s house if permission is given by the family,” Cohen said.

Not only does the shooting have to take place off of school property,

but a person cannot shoot their target while the target is clocked in at work. Once off the clock, it’s bombs away.

“I understand why we can’t get them at work, but where’s the fun in rules?” Buendia said.

Assassins are also not allowed to attack their target at a religious event. With the game being a privi- lege, not a right, it is important that the players are aware of the rules.

Such rules are that you may only ‘kill’ your target using water, and you must keep things from getting out of hand.

“The intent is that it will be a safe and legal game,” Cohen said. “But, above all, it’s awesome.”

It also takes a lot of manpower to put together such an organized event. Yet, when it comes down to next year’s senior class, no one has yet to accept the challenge of organizing the game.

“As of now, no one has contacted me,” Cohen said. “But, if any junior would like to organize next year, contact me and I will share informa- tion and tips.”

Editor’s note: It is the policy of the Southwest Frontier to not use members of our staff as sources in stories. An exception to this rule was made because Cohen was the best expert source avail- able for comment on the event.