Movie Review: Lone Survivor

When my guy friends claimed they wanted to go see the movie Lone Survivor this weekend I cringed my face thinking it would be another long boy movie with too many speeding cars and violent guns.  However, I still decided to spend my $10 and a perfectly good Saturday night to go with them to see it. I was right about the violent guns, but it was definitely not just another long boy movie.

Based on a true story, Lone Survivor is a movie about four navy seals who begin a mission to stake out a village in Afghanistan from nearby mountains. It’s 2005, so the aftermath of 9/11 and the war in Afghanistan are in full effect. During the mission, the four seals are surprised to encounter three wandering shepherds. After capturing the shepherds, the seals decide to let them go and abort the mission, as to the rules of engagement. After they release the captives and retreat, they are attacked by several Taliban in a gruesome gun fight that ultimately leads to the survival of one man.

Overall, this true story greatly brought on a feeling of patriotism and respect to those who fight for our country. It really allowed you to see the type of things our soldiers go through to defend us, which was very eye opening.

Although it’s a great demonstration of the heroes of this country, I was not extremely thrilled by the hour-long fighting scene. It helped you realize the reality of war, but I think it would’ve been more effective if the movie had introduced the characters more rather than having that long of a gun battle. They should’ve expanded the plot more.

Even through its weaknesses, I would say that Lone Survivor is worth spending the $10. This movie is rated R because of violence and language. Overall Lone Survivor is a wonderful movie portraying great patriotism and the hardships of our fighting men.