Review: Scotty McCreery’s Debut Album

Review: Scotty McCreerys Debut Album

Sarah Fifield, Managing Editor

Now in stores, the American Idol season 10 winner, Scotty McCreery’s, debut album has gone big. McCreery’s album, Clear As Day, made it to the Billboard Top 200. It clearly lands in the country genre, but manages to sneak in an essence of upbeat pop-style into a handful of songs. With a voice so deep and strong, it isn’t a surprise that McCreery’s album has skyrocketed. Clear As Day, which features the hit song The Trouble With Girls, seems to tell the story of McCreery’s 18 years of life. From heartbreak to home life, he sings about that one girl who came and went and the close-knit, small-town feel of his native home in North Carolina. A majority of the songs on the album are more fast-paced and upbeat, keeping listeners tapping their foot along with McCreery’s silky-smooth vocals. A handful of slower, saddening songs are here and there in Clear As Day, and they manage to capture the listeners attention, telling a story and painting a picture, drawing you into the song. Although many people throw down the towel when it comes to country, I highly recommend picking up or downloading a copy of McCreery’s debut album. If anyone, McCreery would be the one to turn a country skeptic into a believer.
My Top Five With Notes (in no particular order):
1. “Out of Summertime”: A catchy chorus, the tale of an almost-relationship, a slight edge to it
2. “Clear As Day”: The typical ‘country’ song, sad yet captivating storyline, genuine feeling in his voice
3. “The Trouble With Girls”: Slower yet catchy, enjoyable lyrics
4. “Water Tower Town”: Fast-paced and upbeat, lyrics paint a small town picture
5. “You Make That Look Good”: Catchy, a humorous song, girls will fall even more in love