Pieces of the Pack

Pieces of the Pack

Sarah Fifield, staff writer

From big to small, 2D or 3D, everyone has their own style, so come and show off your artistic flare to all. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, Pieces of the Pack is a fun and exciting way to experience art.

What is Pieces of the Pack?

Pieces of the Pack is an art show. It is being held online rather than in the building to allow for more pieces of artwork to be shown and commented on.

It is a new and exciting way for students to show their creations to the community.

Why is it online?

BVSW’s art show is being held online in order to allow a larger audience to enjoy these fabulous masterpieces, as well as to be able to vote on their favorites. Hosting the show online also allows the advantage of people taking their time to enjoy the art whenever they choose, rather than feeling rushed during a set time.

What is the voting process?

Beginning April 11, you will be able to access the show’s website which will be accessible through Southwest’s main page, as well as the art department’s website. At this time, you will be able to view the artwork only. Then, from April 18-26, live/public vot- ing will take place online, allowing people to vote for their favorite pieces in each category.

Once the winners have been selected, they will bring the winning pieces into school where they will then be on display during a gallery open house on May 4, where anybody and everybody is welcome to at- tend.

Who can submit artwork?

Any and all students attending Southwest are allowed to submit work to the show. Don’t hesitate — you don’t have to be a Picasso to take advantage of this event. With so many talented students, it is about time Southwest lets its artists shine. To submit a piece of work, all you must do is bring in your art for it to be photographed and posted online.

What categories are there?

2D: an image lacking depth or dimension 3D: an object that has dimension, texture and depth Photo: traditional darkroom processed photograph Digital imaging: a photograph digitally edited through computer programs Mixed media: a combination of the above categories, mixing a painting with 3D or a photo with a painting.