Mr. Zuckerman wins Kansas DCI Coach of the Year

Emily Hegna, Journalism 1 student

March 4, 2015

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Last month, debate coach Jared Zuckerman was named the Kansas DCI Coach of the Year. Not only has Zuckerman won this award multiple times, but he also led the team to winning State four out of the five years Southwest has been...

Getting to the root of why students procrastinate

Ellie Augustine, Copy Editor

January 30, 2015

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(Editor’s note: There was procrastination involved in the writing of this article.) T-Minus 24 hours until a project is due, and not a sentence has been written nor a picture glued down to a poster board. “I never, ever...

Debate Wins State

Debate Wins State

January 30, 2015

Administrators implement new lunchroom policy after incidents of vandalism

Margo Johnson, Managing Editor

January 28, 2015

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Every afternoon, juniors Madison Moore and Madison Ruffalo go to four hours of swim practice. By the time they get home, shower and eat dinner, their day’s worth of homework is often started close to 9 p.m.. In an effort to ...

Cheerleaders perform at BVSW Showcase Cheerleading Festival

Margo Johnson & Delaney Oliver, Managing Editor & Photographer

December 9, 2014

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Bow adorned ponytails filled the gym on Saturday, Nov. 15, as the Southwest cheerleaders hosted the Fourth Annual Blue Valley Southwest Cheer Showcase. The cheerleaders welcomed about 25 squads from regional high schools and middle schools. The Showcase presented squads the fi...

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