Q & A with Mrs. Iammarino




Q: Where did you work before Southwest?

A: Before, I was in Omaha, Nebraska and I worked at Millard North Middle School, and I was the secretary in the main office. I saw a lot of fun things, because that’s where the principal’s office was. I enrolled students, I did grades, and all fun stuff, and greeted families when they came in, and I loved my job. So, I wanted to continue to work at a school because that was my first time that I worked at a school, I didn’t do that before that, so I knew I just wanted to continue on doing that.

Q: Has there been any significant pros / cons regarding your experience at Southwest as a new staff member?

A: Pros is I have my own desk! I’ve never had my own desk before, so that’s kind of nice, and the phones are very high-tech. But I love interacting with students. I love interacting with you guys, you’ve been so respectful too, compared to middle school students… I feel like I can interact with [high schoolers] really well and everyone’s been nice and welcoming, so I think that’s definitely a pro. I can’t think of cons.

Q: Where did you go to college to get your degree?

A: I went to Kansas State University, so I’m a Wildcat. I graduated in 2010 from there. I got my degree in kinesiology, which is exercise science…not really doing anything with that now, but it was good. It was good for me, and it was a good experience.

Q: What do you do on a daily basis? 

A: My average day is scheduling a lot of appointments. Students will come in, want to meet with the counselors, so I schedule appointments for them. Then, I answer a lot of phone calls too. A lot of colleges are wanting to come and visit recently, so I’m scheduling those and putting that in the calendar. A lot of calender things I feel like lately. Soon I’ll be in charge of some upcoming events too. But really everything thing is scheduling things, taking phone calls, interacting with you guys, trying to make friends.  

Q: Any other comments?

A: Someone gave me M&Ms today. I’ll always take food, always free food, so that’s good. I think the food is always a plus, but just the interactions that I’ve had are just really good with people. Everyone’s been patient too, so that’s been helpful. People are struggling with my last name, it’s Iammarino. It’s a big Italian last name so I mean I’m fine with people calling me Mrs. Lisa, but Mrs. Iammarino is how you pronounce it, so yes that’s been fun too.

(photo by Delaney Oliver)

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