Bumping the ball, senior Miranda Nolte tries out for her final season of high school volleyball at practice on Aug. 19. Nolte said she is excited to get to know all of the new girls on the team and have a lot of fun during all of the home games. “I think our goal for our team is to keep the intensity but still enjoy ourselves on and off the court,” Nolte said.

Fall Sports Preview

September 27, 2019

Senior Gracely Briley turns soccer into a lifestyle

Elianna Oliver, Copy Editor

May 7, 2019

Cleats, shin guards, tall socks, soccer practice, training, games — all things that revolve around the world of senior Gracely Briley. Ever since she was 6 years old, Gracely said she has grown to not only love soccer, but li...

female students share what it is like to participate in a stereotypically male activity

Isha Patel, Staff Writer

May 6, 2019

There is often a stereotype that comes to mind when the sport of weightlifting is mentioned. As time has passed, society began associating big muscles, toned bodies and weightlifting with the male gender. However, as time has...

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