Debate results

Jared Zuckerman

October 4, 2010

The debaters had a strong showing this weekend at Olathe Northwest.  In a tie for 10th place, Emma Stewart and Caroline Fronczak went 3-2.  Placing 3rd and going 6-1, Tommy Swickard and Sam Lemieux.  There were over 60 teams co...

Without a plan

Annie Burress, Editor-in-Chief

October 1, 2010

This year, Blue Valley Southwest teachers had the option to give up their plan or supervision time. By giving up their plan time and teaching more hours, class sizes remained smaller than classes in other schools, which benefited stud...

Club Briefs

August 27, 2010

Student Council The Student Council at BV Southwest is going to be run similarily to the Students Council’s at BV High and BV West. They will handle a lot of the same responsibilities as the other schools. The electio...

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