coaches and athletes give opinions on district substance abuse agreement

Jessica Bell, Staff Writer

March 25, 2019

In the 2014-2015 school year, Blue Valley finalized a Substance Abuse Agreement for student athletes. This was made to give athletes fair punishments, allow athletes a chance to fix their mistakes and give the coaches an outline...

Meet our new staffers

Elianna Oliver, Copy Editor

January 11, 2019

This semester The Standard welcomed five new staffers.   Q: What’s your name? A: Peyton Moore   Q: Why did you decide to join Newspaper? A: I joined Newspaper because I heard it was a lot of fun and I was recommende...

Students Respond to New Video Game Releases

Jonah McCormick, Design Editor

December 7, 2018

Rockstar Games recently released their second title of the series known as “Red Dead Redemption 2.” This game takes place in 1899 where the world is transforming on the cusp of WW1 and gunslingers and bandits are dyin...

Get to know the cafeteria staff

Jenna Hope, Staff Writer

December 7, 2018

Haider Nawaz What is your favorite part about working here in the cafeteria? I like everything about it. Challenging? No What do you like to do in your freetime when you’re not at work? I like to play with...

Students share their favorite spots during the holidays

Ashlyn Wakefield, Staff Writer

December 7, 2018

Ice skating: In the heart of Crown Center Square the Ice Terrace stands tall with people of all ages underneath on the ice, braving the cold. Either going for a lesson or just for fun the rink is open from November to March m...

counselors give advice on how to pick a major in college and how to save money

Elianna Oliver, Copy Editor

October 22, 2018

Majors: Assess your strengths and weaknesses as an individual. Consider small scale judgments such as if you prefer indoor or outdoor settings or if you consider yourself to be a people person or not to guide your searc...

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