Take leadership to the next level


Sarah Fifield, Managing Editor

Don’t complain. We were given such an amazing opportunity here at Blue Valley Southwest and just because everything isn’t 100 percent up to our desires doesn’t give us a right to be ungrateful. There is a plethora of issues that students and faculty whine about without trying to make a change.

Many people are walking the halls each day complaining, ranting and going on tirades about how the courtyard the district has provided us with is lacking in many different areas: foliage, green grass, trash receptacles and so on. If you find this to be such an issue, shut your yap and do something about it.

Sitting around throwing a fit because things don’t go the way you wanted will get you nowhere. If we all take a stand and come together, we can turn our less than fabulous courtyard into something we can all love.

Like most things in our lives, they won’t be brought to you on a silver platter. It is time we start learning how to make a change and leading others to do the same.

If you have a problem with the lack of attention to a charity, go out and make people pay attention. When somebody says you can’t, prove you can.

So use the condition of the courtyard as a stepping stone towards improving the world around you. Volunteer to collect trash in the courtyard once a week and get your friends on board, too. Slowly but surely, nature’s beauty will begin to show.

The National Honors Society is stepping up to the plate and making a change in the aesthetics of the courtyard.

With plans in the works for improving the courtyard over time, these students and staff are ready to make a change.

This serves as a simple example of what we can do to take leadership in order to change the world that surrounds us.  So, now is your chance. Stand up and do something.

Be it creating art to spruce up the hallways, helping clean up stray trash after lunches or organizing a gardening club, you can be a leader and you can make a change.