Guest column: Senior Katie Charest shares her experience with COVID-19

Katie Charest, Guest Columnist

I first felt coronavirus symptoms on July 13. Obviously, the virus affects everyone differently, but my symptoms felt like a bad cold and I was extremely tired. To be honest, the flu felt worse, but I know that isn’t the case for everyone who tests positive. 

I have asthma, which put me at an increased risk, so that played a big factor while I was sick. I was a little concerned because of my asthma, but my symptoms were not very extreme so I managed well. 

Even though my symptoms felt mild, I still have some residual breathing issues from the coronavirus and it has been almost two weeks since my symptoms appeared.

At the start of all this, I didn’t know your family had to be quarantined longer than the person who tests positive. I only had to be quarantined 10 days after symptoms started, but my family had to stay in the house for 14 days after I was quarantined. It really does affect everybody in the house, even if only one person has the virus. 

I have always thought masks were beneficial to stop the spread and protect yourself, however I am much more diligent about wearing them now. I definitely think wearing a mask helps prevent getting it, and I can see just how important it is to wear one as much as you can.